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When the flower opens the butterfly comes,
when the butterfly comes the flower opens +)



Own tweaked version of
J.S. Bach Contrapunctus BWV
The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080: XVII



Hi there, motorway of information travellers.

There’s a reason why ONLY with headphones one will better experiencing this… popooza. It is not technical but also, as there are 5 different audio tracks which great vary in pitch and pan (L & R). The main reason it has to do with its conception, well more like a vomit >P<


I wanted to bring together my always personal (sometimes hermetic) universe starting with 2:35 tight crops on these (not soooo special) colourful stills, as if dealing with cinemascope ratio for film or video. And then also using long “cinematic” crossfades at the same time of a soundtrack capable of resonating spatiality… but it was very clear to me that the kind of spaciality would have to remain… personal, intimate, inhabiting only the head of the one watching the video and not pervading, not being borned into the air. I know, it sounds like the foolish bullshiting many artists give after 3 beers, I only had one ,-)  Was done also leaving open the possibility for a loop.



Normally till I’m happy with the results images may go through quite a journey and at different stages, a bit like those guys in Morocco who peel, smooth and tint the skins of the lamb. LR >> PS >> Exposure >> Color Efex >> (XnConvert for quick proofs) Premiere >> proRES HQ FHD master >> AME twin rendering of H264 youtube/vimeo copies – as it has no so much moving pixels, I decided not to go the much slower x264 root =) Audio was done in sound studio and Premiere



The colour puzzles are palette studies/samples of some of the photos



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