2 Days with Berni ❮❮❮❯❯❯ finally out


Hi there friends I cannot touch 🙂
This was the strangest project. Where to begin… well back in the beginning of 2012 Berni asked me to assist/accompany him and his motivation for a very personal Hamlet. I was happy to be helpful and frankly we had a lot of fun. Meanwhile this strange unknowable process, I was taking a shot here a shot there, just as some kind of tick I hadn’t been able to get rid off.
The footage remained dormant in the deep of an external hard drive’s cortex, je je till this year. I wanted to give Berni a present for his birthday and I remembered the images. I confidently said to myself a couple shots, 3-5 minutes burnt into a dvd with a nice wrap and a smile will do… ja ja ja, little did I know that it will take half a year to do so.
In my very particular case, if I get too involved with images, it feels like entering a dream where I never know what’s coming next. For some time I think even dove into nightmarish realms as everything seemed to go “wrong”, only later on I realised that the fucked up camera had decided to change from highest quality progressive recording to mediocre interlaced in different aspect ratio and half the frame rate, also some kind of parasite bug came along with the grade and after 2 days, I thought, I’ll fix it later… ji ji ji naive knifes on my chest, 2 more weeks of patching.
At certain point I decided that even if it wasn’t finished, I had to move on, so the thing got at 45 unpolished minutes, ideally half an hour, 25 min would “suffice” but ideal is a place where sailors go to puke while being enveloped with the utter most pungent heart-stopping siren songs.
Then something happened, it had taken so long, that all the hurryness and anxiety was gone. So was with renewed spirit that I collaborated with super bambolastic resonator André Tasso, who made a wonderful soundtrack (5 tracks!!!) and with mr. Arne Kaiser who with his own cool stepping and fresh ice-creamed solutions brought nicest titties… I mean titles.
And if only because of this extra growth all of this labouring was worth it.
I cannot feel but a great sense of irony, how the shittiest quality images got the more love is something… funny to say the least.

Berni here’s your past present ,-)

P&S camera (1/2.3 sensor) ♣ in-camera sound no tripod no nuthin’ ♣ premiere, AE, colour and audition were some of the platforms used ♣ handbrake for ultra compressed mp4 (x264), master has 74GB so where are talking a 1:74 ratio!! no wonder it took several days to be cooked.



bernimiguel with_migueK_R
angel_claws berniHall

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