Last night I met 5 ladies


Last night I met 5 ladies, was part in a banquet and of an improvised street band, went to an opening, lied as much as I could, made late house visiting, some “borrowing”, found a bunch of old friends, made new ones, got lost in each blinking.

Again but new. Last night I met 5 ladies.
A very fast, sharp and funny one that to my we’re fucked so slowly than we don’t even notice answered yeah, I totally know how you feel… we had a blast, she left in the good company of a taxi group of germans.

Then one that when I said hey, smells like vicks-vaporub (canfor+menthol), replied smiling and with a it’s me meanwhile that terribly sensuous gesture of pushing back her long hair offering a bare neck. UFFF I didn’t go tooooo close, not blood thirsty or drunk enough. Was her all-right, traditional chinese doctor visit.

Then, naturally and though felt like just a tiny moment I got lost for five centuries in some beautiful eyes, dagger of souls, flowers of death… meanwhile a very good argumentative game around freedom and ants. I remember so clearly to think let me just hold you for 5 more centuries… I’ll keep the hug baby. She left with an italian musician friend.

No rest for the wicked, so I shall puke my heart… there she was, so still and yet so powerful, a colossal statue of flesh, an ancient goddess… I offered her best I had, a dream about a lady… she seemed too young and clean to understand. She left with a very nice guy whose face I have known before… but neither of us could pinpoint where or when.

As it got harder to drag the human being’s ruin I was becoming there was this vividly graceful lady who was convinced I came from Timor, ja ja ja, that’s a big compliment in my dictionary. She didn’t have a bed where to sleep… and I… well I wasn’t drunk enough. She left with a couple friends who surely have take very good care of her.

Then I walked and walked, took home in a incredibly lovely and serene sunrise full of nuances. Sat on the sofa smoking a cigarette, washed my teeth, cut one toe nail and passed out completely surrendered and thankful.




Completely forgot about the lady I did invited to sleep at my place and answered she wasn’t afraid I’ld rape her (???!!!) Anyway, never happened, life is such a
{option A – bitch}
{option B – treat}
{option C – mystery}

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