How to use some of AE pluggins in Premiere


Both, Mystery Train stills 

All credit must really go to Eran Stern who, by trying to improve colour correction efficiency and reclaiming the super friendly ColorNeutralizer pluggin, discovered this “backdoor”. To him many arrigatos =)
My entries at Personal View:
I’ve quickly tested several other AE pluggins, also outside CycoreFXHD’s folder – channel blur, time echo, kernel, match grain, etc. – and seems it works for many of them. BTW, for those of you guys who like weird effects (for music videos or likeso) the wide time effect really messes with the image, flipping it, cooling colours, strobing… kind of crazy :{o
Here’s Stern’s video

And Chris Meyer’s quick & dirty method for white balancing in premiere or AE using a black solid, tint effect and divide transparency mode —> VIDEO
Superficially tested ColorNeutralizer plugin together with the divide method and different opacities percentages, and it seems to be a hyper fast way to have the WB figured out… that said, it’s not a magic wand to replace colour correction, but helps. It’s also nice to be able to use other AE plugins in Premiere, even if just for fun.



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