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fiquei só
de me falar sozinho
desfazendo com gestos ridículos a sombra minha
sentir que não há mão
a-am parar

de tudo isto
o mais pior
o tempo que roubei
d’aminha alma tomar duche,
o sabor amargo
do âmago
de amar


não faz mal
mas não faz também


agora escrevo isto
no computador
agora, isto está
no computador
e eu estou também
– um bocadito –
no computador




Hey guys, whatzup!!!

I Just found both photo and poem in a 2011 folder. I would have never thought these excrements existed XD It’s all about me me me me and ME.
Everytime I write in portuguese it feels like playing with the language itself (a bit like jerking off) without any direction… anyway the poem was titled “poema a mim próprio” JA JA JA JA … ay caralho, what a silly kitsch and whatnot thing to call such rubbish, I have to strongly disagree with my past person, I need more coffee, more love, more speed, more night, more light, and always a big smile if its from you. All goodio!!!

PS (from the past)
{uncanny voice, sweating back} Rubish is gooooooooddd – eyes wide open, melon squirt – shine shine shine <– that's a BS code for those who understand about BS

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