Line of Fire by Junip
• grilling of fish (mi lunch)
• line from girl in Jim Jarmush’s Mystery Train
• 72 year old stone master Mr. Marqués steady and preciselly at work =)
• Akira Kurosawa’s Nora Inu (1949) final confrontation sequence scream


TL workflow

Before the idea of making a TL even crossing my mind, look, be participant
of the wonders of this life, no bullshit, that’s most important… at least 4 me.

GH3 camera in M mode + pany 14-140 @ 14mm / tripod
5’’ interval \ shuter 1/2000 \ ISO 200 \ f6.3 – first hand of smoke paint

LR + LRtimelapse back und forward \ 3 strategic keyframes spies
exported as 658 Full HD 16 bit Tifs – disengagng WC props and lunch

AE for sazoning / mixed my own LUT (NK-7) with a sepia one / desaturated /
twin masks to ease focus 😛 \ mixed of Mr. TrackZillas great grain recipe with
my own spitting \ queu comp, save project \ about an hour of AeRender – time for second hand of painting

Having too much fun linerly mixing stuff inside good old Quicktime buddy.
I had to make room for H  the Seagull, so just threw on him an arri and a speedgrade LUTs
Everything needs to end, so I say it’s good enough 🙂 – cleaning the mess, but my hands still white of paint

Now’s completelly dark, I’m happy with the result… and gratefull,
it’s not everyday I manage to balance such “different jobs”
time for piggy shower and dinner, yihhhhhhaaaaaAAAA!!!




FREE TLTools 4.0.53 BETA-5 version (May 2014)
Though is Win native, can easily run on mac with Wine and the sort =)


Full Line of Fire by Junip 


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