incongruently II  (dead ends • new beginnings)

BIG thanks to personal-view user fredfred27 to let me mix his very nice lunar eclipse arrangement amidst these other little satellites =)

{all together with the music}

Build from scratch ’cause sometimes it’s easier to change,
Lots of work and it seemed so eaaaasyyy
Getting old pushing butt dragging fingers
Need an assistant that makes all AE fucking work 😛
Just another test, for you and me, I would never use, never useee
Just another test, for you and me, I would never use, never useee


LOOP (tweaked) 
Igor Presnyakov cover of Phill Collins’ Another Day in Paradise 
+ some live radio midnight song 




Unfinished letter to a dead friend


My dear FRIEND:

You’d like to know
the stone man is comming
he’s gonna fullfill I’ve been told
meanwhile the rehab’s going well.
The intro countdown’s random enough,
the seaguls seem loudly happy,
the ocenan engulfs my soul beyond
any possible safety measure
and everything’s turning into everything
through unfamilliar patters that
I make my best to embrace…
picture a bear embracing nail cutting, je je.

It’s overwhelming to let yourself be overwhelmed
by the tiniest unconspicuous little things
like the dead of a bee
or the slow rocking dance of a standard pine tree.

The threshold of what makes me happy got so low
that now even the threat of a precariously insipid breeze blow
or a wild flower painted with the most common unrefined colours
can draw me a smille which echoes and echoes and echoes
in turtle dreams =)

Amidst all this “stuff”
I often think of you, not to keep me company
but as a way of preserving a bunch of nice memories
and further nurter the light of your spirit.

You were a good friend,
how’s that measured anyway?
You were my friend,
through many adventures,
y         o         u
taught me important lessons
never hidden the mud behind poetry
and for that I’ll honour our realtionship
every single day of my life;

The sea darker blue
the sky pale skin or celest blue
and the clouds, the motherfucking neverending
sheep, I’ll swear someday now they’re going to start
meeee meeeee meeeee

Wait a sec, the sun is bursting
I’ll go and catch some for us

Do you remeber those songs
that lasted several days
and the nights just a few seconds?
I remeber mushrooms growing everywhere
and walls painted with smilles
mirrors and crazy gazing
drunken chicks wanting
more and more.

Do you RememberS all those friends
that vanished in the mourning
and the discombulated talk
about… well, anything really?
Just skeletons trying to scape
the mussel hustle.

I remeber your drawings,
spiraling, always spiraling.

I remember that neverending love
made of precise molecules
and the chaos of trying to
deal with it
having to get through it

I remember your face
coming out of the shadows
of the strangest fairy tale story
and that constant mantra of yours:
good vibe, good vibe,
everything’s allright
everything’s allright
I have control
I have control

Well, that was just a belt
attached to thin air,
wasn’t it?
We were too young
too dum and full of cum
we didn’t know fear
and that
no freedom,
‘cause wasn’t an option
just a master ticket
to all heavens and hells
skipping purgatories and meals
and all boring things in betweeen.
We had a lot of fun though,
we burnt bright, piercing the night
while dancing and dancing and dancing
blindly, passionatelly, unconsciously




Void You OutOFF!Wasted Years‘ Album





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_/ _/ _/ _/ _/_ gashô /

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