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This sums up a thread I opened at Personal View 


Youtube 1080p version

MogwaiChristmas Steps
from 1999 Album – Come On Die Young



Hey there travelers amid the vacuum of possibilities  🙂

What’s in the menu today? Well, I’m pleased to tell you that home mod / repurposed lens test just got out of the oven. Care to try?


I’m big fan of Jarmush. When I saw Only Lovers Left Alive I couldn’t help to notice some, new to me, aureoles or flares. You can spot them in the scenes where vamps are in the car, for instance in Tanger, when framing lampposts, etc.

BTW and in case you wondering, the film it’s totally worth it.
So, I “needed” to know more about such a particular render of light.

With a quick research I got info of the gear used to shoot the film: Arri Alexa Plus and Cooke S4 Lenses.

At 0’42” is perfect example of what I was referring

Source: Claudio Miranda


It figures it’s a known characteristic quite rooted in cinema. At 0’52” same flare


As Arri cameras and Cooke lenses (dozens of thousands of $) are a bit out of the question right now, I went in a very interesting journey to find my snake-flare, being video above a sniff of it and as quick&dirty as a test goes.




  • GH3
  • profile monochrom c5 shrp-5 sat-2 noise0
  • WB daylight – I always forget the bloody WB, so may years doing raw and UniWbs – anyway in my tests, WB shade gave better results for monochrom
  • 24p intra
  • shutter 50 – 30
  • ISO 6400 (a few shots at 800)
  • modified projector lens Isco Rollei Projar 85mm f2.8 fitted to nikon mount (cost = 1.5eur from the epoxy – slide projector found in garbage)
  • last shots include the Kobori Shugga (aka vivitar 28-200mm f3.5-5.3) and Naichi Di Stéfano (aka minolta md 50mm f2)
  • Edited and exported direct from premiere
  • 0 post NR or sharpening applied, just Oleg’s Rec709toLog LUT
  • a blow of curves and desaturation and a golden shower of scanned free grain.
  • Last but not least, exported to a x264 720p mp4 in Handbrake with 5500 Mb/s – BTW everytime you change the average bitrate, maxrate and vbv-bufsize (advanced options) should be also modified accordingly.
    Was fun, now I need a context 😛


Thanks for reading, ja ja ja
one of these days it’s going to be considered a retro activity, je je.



Click the image for details


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