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While the coldfish is in the sauna… whazup guys?!
Today I brrring calipso shacked cocktail of FREE stuff, hopefully you’ve got hands big enough    😛    So let’s start with most probably the best open source raw processor’s comparison/review I ever read, by ninedegreesbelow, I swear to $ it’s not ’cause our opinions match, though it surely makes me happy ,-)

A Review of Raw Processors

Must say latest UFRaw 1.9.2 lens module is stunting, based in panotools lens model, it does superb work. It made my day when I had to correct wide angle arquitechtural shots (obviously not the one below) and much needed that extra pixels rescued from raw data (dcraw). Read there are some issues with win version, also people work out some solutions. On mac, I installed Gimp portable, but din’t make the trick, as its UFRaw integrated module outputs to Gimp only at 8bit colour depth. You’ll need to build UFRaw with macports/homebrew or the kind, plus X11/XQuarz and that stuff to get it working as standalone, believe me, totally worth it.
Screengrab comparising how UFraw and LR “extract” data from the raw, no adjustments whatsoever,  just a curve in PS to equalize them. Please also notice wonderfully misterious miss D. building a love-bomb.

BTW Mr. Sverdlov has an improved version (win and mac) of C3C image resizing plugin for photoshop, simply the best free resizing plugin for PS there is, much better than adobe’s. For batch conversion XnConvert (win, mac and linux) through lanczos algorithm is superb and also free =)
You’ll also want to check S. Sverdlov’s C3C Color Wizard, really the good stuff. Case you use it, please think about donating. • BIG thanks to Vitaliy
Quick and dirty BEFORE
and AFTER – my monitor got uncalibrated, so probably it’s a bit off
Resize‘s a bit hidden in Automate menu, you can create an action for faster access
Wasn’t so hard, was it? As always it’s been an ineffable pleasure addressing you, unknown souls of the interweb’s corridors; now, for changing that (the unknown part) there’s a new section for comments, so please feel free to make use of it… I will delete them all anyway {demon x349Hj effect} jua jua jua {and echo}
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