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Ladies and gentlemen… welcome aboard UltraBriF flight 276786GHx98-B7 to nowhere known. Allow us to hijack your attention to most silly of visual’s content possible options – AHHHH WE ARE GONNA DIE!!!!!! – A rigorously unscientific short video comparison between sister Minolta Rokkor PG MC 50mm f1.4 and brother Olympus Zuiko Digital 45mm f1.8

For those of you who are geeks or greeks or maybe just want another option, here’s a ProRes (3 886 598 256 bytes to be exact) uploaded to YOUTUBE‘s compression grinding machine, basically a bandwidth waste while trying to support realtime schizophrenia, duHH (hell well)

Personal View entry

BTW tests show that different lenses may she suited for different jobs/looks/situations, MHO. Also photography it’s another different matter… nevertheless IQ wise (non MTF speaking) these two lenses have some distinct strong personalities… and the Rokkor has this HUGE focus ring that turns and it focus and has no wire and still has numbers in it and focal measurements, wow!!! while the Oly guacamoly it’s elegant and barbituric yet light and super tight, uhhhh (tesuda!)
Hope you’re sensitive enough to appreciate the hardwork on the video cover, ja ja ja




Minolta | 1977                                                Olympus | 2011
7 elements in 5 groups                          9 elements in 7 groups
6 blades aperture                        7 blades circular opening
0.45m minimum focus                      0.50m minimum focus
245gr (add adapter)                116gr (watch 4 wind!)


Sources: Allphotolenses                   •                       Olympus corp  

SN (side note):
      The seagull was born and raised in neighbor’s roof, fed by the nice lady =)

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