The Contreras case + free NLE and composite program


The Associated Press has “ended its ties” with a freelance photographer after it came to light that he digitally altered a photograph taken last September in Syria.

Photographer Narciso Contreras used editing software to eliminate a colleague’s camera from his photograph of a Syrian opposition fighter, the AP said Wednesday. The AP did not find any other altered images among the hundreds of photographs Contreras submitted to the agency, but it scrubbed his work from its public archives regardless.


Contreras was part of a group of five photojournalists whose work earned the AP a Pulitzer Prize last year. TIME has featured Contreras’s work in the past.
Source Time
AP Communication
I’ll not enter in if it was right or wrong, this guy is a fucking great photographer and risks his life for each shot. He have my respect.

Now, if you going to clone something do it well guey!!!

Some of Contreras photos in Syria
And a very interesting and more in depth NYT’s LENS article


From the beginning I was conscious of the camera in the frame, but it was difficult to move to make a picture,” he said. “I wanted to get all the tension from the frame. When I was processing the image I thought it would detract viewers from the essence of the situation. I thought about whether it was correct to remove the camera from the frame, for some time. But I removed it. I couldn’t handle this in a very stressful moment, but I can’t blame anyone for this mistake but myself.

Another possibility seems to be go the virtual news photographer way 😛


Both articles are also featured at Personal View


On other subject completely different, or not

HitFilm is a long project that has successfully kickstarted several times. Now with Win and Mac versions, they promoting HitFilm Express (149$) – which is a very very nice NLE and compositing program – by distributing it for free till February the 4th

  Don't worry cousin Alfredo, you won't get crazy as Ryan from FilmRiot :P


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