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For long time now, I was unable to make AME (Adobe Media Encoder) work with the x264 Quicktime library. Today I finally solved the mystery; quite idiotic actually, I just placed a copy of the x264 component in the System/Quicktime folder and that’s all. Running OS 10.9

The reasons to use AME instead of Handbrake is basically lazyness, as I just skip one (export) step, it is integrated with AE and Premiere and also it’s easier to define crop marks. To be able to apply LUTs directly, import captions and directly burn a watermark, timecode or file name/info onto the video are truly useful too tools.

Though I hadn’t profusely tested yet, it even “feels” faster – here my friends, I mean that took between 7 to 9 times the video time to encode, so… don’t go crazy combing your hair, je je. Thhhhheeeee ssssllllloooooowwwweeeeeessssssttttts the better. Side by side with handbrake version, I couldn’t find any difference. But remember, handbrake it’s superb and a free powerful little fucker =)

The Film and Grain presets that come along with x264 library are pretty good already, of the current settings I’m testing this is what’s stored in my Preset 01 – pretty much from here •[[realworldvideocompression]]• still much tweaking to do, my aim is to preserve IQ and grain, right now 720 output.

I’ll leave here the easy way, direct download of QT x264 Encoder from MyComet (Dec 2011)You also have the newer version option, link VLC x264, you’ll have to build the libraries though.

If you think the massacre that Vimeo or Youtube will take your images into afterwards… from the original 1.06GB to 5 MB it’s just funny. Anyways I feed them the best I can and hope they choke 😛 The video above is a direct QT export, anamorphic crop works very well with handbrake also. 



Seems, Joseph Beauys was right and everybody’s a geek!!!
More on x264 – just the BEST codec – and settings for free Handbrake


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