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Hello there my fellow bloggers, friends, lost cats, social security prosecutors, training chimps, aliens on detour, horny underground supervisors, cashiers, mummies, molotov addicts, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, illiterate secretaries, relentless enemies, mommies, drug dealers on vacations, boat constructors, even layers!!!!

It is with wetted overjoy that today I bring to your terminal doorstep this fantastic project, La Macchina Volante (shhhiiff ouuughhh guuuaauuu multiple and cosmo-un-polite echoes of captivated surprise) and the healthy wish from a talented group of musicians and friends to record the album O Circo, so they can keep spreading the music everywhere needed =) and beyond

For being able to surf over my tsunami of truffles and getting here, much oblige, what I still dare to ask from you is watch the video, hit the like button (vimeo account needed) and if you feel it’s unworthy, je je, share it






Câmera //////////////////////////////////////////// Max Rosenheim * NCN
Objects animation \\\\\ Daniela Silvestre, Cristofili, Jaco Loredo e Max Rosenheim
Edition /////////// Jaco Loredo, João Abreu, João Firmino e Max Rosenheim * NCN
Sound design \\\\\ Jaco Loredo, João Abreu, João Firmino e Max Rosenheim * NCN
Soundtrack /////////////// La Macchina Volante – O Circo / Segura, Zé Sé (LMV e Selton) / Diógenes de Sínope
Postproduction \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Max Rosenheim * NCN

////// Biuli, Daniela, Chiara, Paulo, TrackZillas e todo o pessoal da Babilônia \\\\\\

If after all and despite my ill mannors you happen to like the project and want to buy the album or contribute in any poetic-flower-form, including digital freudian frozed pee, check the crowdfunding at




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