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fotos by biuli   The man has a pig. They go for a walk. The pig never do his stuff in the gardens. The man carries plastic bags for collecting pig‘s stuff. The pig is a ‘porco preto’ and is not … Continue reading

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the little mirror

  The little mirror outside the hall between the bouncing rays of light left by a hurry someone told lubricated and snorting constantly consonants made of pure truth ja ja já   “Kiss me    my arm”   impussyble!   Then … Continue reading

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O Circo • Crowdfunding 4 La Maccihna Volante • 01

  Hello there my fellow bloggers, friends, lost cats, social security prosecutors, training chimps, aliens on detour, horny underground supervisors, cashiers, mummies, molotov addicts, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, illiterate secretaries, relentless enemies, mommies, drug dealers on vacations, boat constructors, even layers!!!! It … Continue reading

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