Paulo Morais’ SALARIUM



720p version



Beside the postproduction task, I was on Salarium’s location for 5 days and logically took part in the process, not only filming but accompanying Paulo in his adventures  😀
I did learn some really important things

Other than helping in raccord specifically and post in general, sound needs its own mindspace for planning, capturing and, in post, molding (here ad time). Various samples with good quality of every element and action are helpful and NOISE, the noise of silence

If you don’t keep a safe distance with surrounding “human environment”, your work would be affected and absolutely nobody cares why, don’t have to 😉

Make a schedule, even if you don’t respect it, helps organizing tasks and gives a better understanding of the overall work… and a guideline for others to respect

A script / storyboard is a godsend creature that is better to have by your side when fighting the anarchy beasts… inside your head 

The neverending roundtripping story: edited natively in Premiere >>open .prproj>> in AE, denoised and dithered >>exported>> Premiere, recutted >>XML>> first grade in Color >>exported proRES HQ>> final grade in Film Convert >>exported proRES HQ>> vignetting & grain in AE >>proRES HQ>> titles in Premiere (faster) >> master proRES >> downscaled 720p with modifies x264 profile in Handbrake >>> uploaded to Vimeo … ufffa, just for the image, the sound another day  😛
I’ld like to thank Patricia, Pedro and Lea Morais who were real good company.
Meanwhile some quick&dirty developed shots and a



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