Berni, genio y figura… 400H style


This is my friend Berni, we hadn’t met for some time, we missed each other

Today we finally got to be a little bit together. I love Berni, his such an unique motherfucka 😀 In spanish there’s a saying genio y figura hasta la sepultura that I dare to translate as “style and character till burial and after”

Below the pic as managed by my camera. Above, my own re-rendered/re-arranged Fuji 400H style version with custom everything. To go from a very insipid 1/2.3 inch sensor P&S jpeg file to a high quality tif is a long and beautiful process that has to be done gradually, specially regarding grain cohesion. I’m not a selfentitled expert just an image lover trying to tell his tunning experience 😛


In this particular case; was the only thing I photographed in several days, but I took several perspectives;  imported into lightroom so I could choose from very similar moments, in present case, this one wasn’t the best… but sometimes we sacrifice the best for… something sharper, a more meaningful instant, better light to work with, etc. Cropped and worked till swet, exported as 16bit sRGB tif. Brought to color effex pro and my own mix (recipe) of tonal contrast + darken corner + glamour glow +  pro contrast + modern film in this exaxct order, U-points are mandatory!!  Finally we went to photoshop for my own mix of grain, tone and curves inside the wonderful (best there is) exposure by onone soft. Then you would just go on enhancing, making everything perfect… that’s the moment when I stop


Finally, and very important, the shrinking. When working with grain files and steep gradients (big changes from shadows to highlights) I always increase the jpeg quality a pinch  (’cause of the extra information) and do several resizes with different tools. There is a world’s difference from photoshop to say XN convert (very nice opens source project) or C3C (free high quality ps plugin from Sergey Sverdlov) or Resizeit. Then I visualize them in different viewers and most important web browsers. Probably you’re thinking “my god what an awful effort just to put the fucking picture in the web” and you’re probably right, but if you relativize  the 5 minutes that takes to do that with the often more than 2 hours that you went developing your vision, it’s ok. Also experience tells me I would most probably never touch the whole set again 😉

100% crop 



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