From the Streets With Love


to friends, to music, to love, to strangers… to hugs and to life!!!


In the background Monsieur Snupi and Pedro
PROLEKULT guy wearing boxing gloves, we had just met  – I’ll stab you!!! – looking around and asking passerby strangers, mostly turists – give me a knife – coming back to me – give me a hug. We hug. That’s a very funny sketchI say back to him – I stab you, give me a knife, jajaja with those big clumsy gloves jajaja then you give a hug

He didn’t want to say his name but we hug more than I ever hug… my father. No shoes – They robbed me, what am I going to do…?…  – said like is nothing major. He’s a fucked up version of

Aerosmith’s singer. Very bright and childish blue eyes, afraid of air conditioning, a deep cut in the heel. We didn’t had a revolutionary conversation but we shared some drinks, smoke, music and a kind of chaotic very comic time together  😀

What else is there to say, ahhh:

original pic 

– Chokapic!!! • GASHôPIC

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