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LINK to a 720p fullscreen downloadable version

My friends André Tasso and Pedro Tavares are putting in motion this music festival called MUZZ  from which this video is just a dirty snif… Here feat. Pedro Sousa (sax), Gabriel Ferrandini (drums), Bruno Silva (guitar) and Hernani Faustino (contrabass). The video sound will still be changed 🙂
  U P D A T E  

Now with final audio mix!!!
Big thanks to the guys at




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tech pornography, I know U like it  😛


 Shoot handheld in a panasonic GH3 wearing a tiny olympus 45mm f1.8
Edited… well is 1 shot, but nevertheless in AE (adobe after effects) with love
of course ah… what’s that?!!! Build a MBLooks‘ preset and a pinch of tiny sharpening particles then the trustworthy Filmconvert grain rain poured on them at 35%. Last but not least a full flavored touch of TrackZillas’ grandma grain recipe, thanks man
Rendered for 24 hours – one of these days my good old reliable MBP is gonna have a heart attack, basically has been 6 years working almost non stop… hold on buddy, we still have a lot of things to do ensemble yiiiiihhhhaaaaAAAA!!!! – ejem, then still downgrade to 720p29.97 version using and tweaking this settings for handbrake







If interested to apply x264 settings presets within Quicktime or QT library based program, i.e. AME (adobe media encoder) have a look over here


Bilú and x264 paraphernalia


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