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It is not very interesting view, but as I am still training and making lots of last minute changes it is more handy to just point the camera out of the window

Cocktail mix of Beastie Boys’ Just a Test + Juan Profundo’s A pom pom + el inimitable maestro François Vallaeys’ Agranda La Puerta Padre + Boards of Canada’s Into The Rainbow Vein + Ada Milea’s nari irish and still some Ryuishi Sakamoto’s background hisssssssssss



Some deep tech jiberish fever now

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The bigger IQ loss and the achyles heal in my workflow for this kind of “A priority TL” is happening on roundtrip conversion from MOV to AVI and of course from final master output to x264. The roudtrip is the only way I managed for (open source) VirtualDub to open the video file and then apply (also free) MSU deflicker plugin. I had some issues with Quicktime so I end up doing this with iFFmpeg. I tried freeware Mpegstreamclip because it also uses Quicktime libraries and I wanted to go with (freeware) Ut codecs. Mpegstreamclip gave me a can’t set the compression buffer error message.
I haven’t figure out yet if VirtualDub works with 8bit or 10bit depth, though everything indicates the former. In the beginning I wanted to use ut 10bit 422 codecs, I’m pretty sure I can further reduce luma banding in the sky :D, now I’m seeing better fit a proRES 444 or any other good 444 codec instead. Anyway, I installed quicktime for windows (using wine on this mac), downloaded some interesting opensource conversion projects… let’s see, je je.
As alternative FREE deflicker pluggings or standalone applicattions, I sugest looking at Rawtherapee’s plugin (download link) DeSERt and check this Timescapes thread

also Tltools (UPDATED for version 4.0.51 / Feb – 2014) is a very interesting and free standalone option that works with Lightroom. Though built for windows, it is possible to run it easily on a mac


Good news: it works, actually deflicker it is good. The main difference I found with LRtimelapse (free version limited to 400 stills batch) is that it can work as a standalone, better with jpegs. Directly exports uncompressed video. Can create video templates for Lightroom, 2800 and 4k, the catch here is that those presets can only take advantage of lightroom’s h264 codec  😦
Bad News: as in version 3.4.48 doesn’t work directly with Panasonic RW2s (for a fast LR integrated metadata workflow), has lots of bugs, though is supposed to be supported, working with DNGs (I hate fucking dngs!!!) means an extra step in workflow. In my laptop doesn’t make full use of dual core processor power… probably window version is more stable and faster. Very picky with file naming, had to rename files to sequences like 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.
Anyway if you’re into TL and don’t have GBDeflicker (or other AE plugins) or LRtimelapse (needs lightroom), it’s totally worth checking, they webpage is reasonably well documented  😀


BTW if anyone from Panasonic is reading this, I have some firmware/software suggestions for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 just regarding timelapse:

  1. Aknowledge and FIX the ducking dark areas tone shifting, that’s about the most unreliable, shameful and non-pro bug/issue I’ve seen in a piece of equipment at this price tag!!!
  2. You could make up to us (your customers) making a real nice Intervalometer, with HDR capabilities, bulb ramping and more detailed time control, but first fix the hole on the roof  😉
  3. This one is a bit different; would be very nice if you implemented a sound recorder on GH3 camera, yes the one you endorse as being portable µFT top of the pops for video (image&sound), so just sound recorder shouldn’t be so hard, with different formats and compression settings. Also I personally would love a feature that allowed me to record audio non-stop and simultaneously while timelapse was taking place so later I may be able to edit the sound and use it as background/effex in the final mix. Extra cool and most necessary/coherent would be some sort of timecode or reference so that to find which sound synced with each still would be no sweat



What a mix, eh?!! Thank you for not throwing up 😛
Case your stomach can and want more of these TL^BS, je je je


zoomout TL test


andro-animated TL test + daftside RAMM


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