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I love cinema, I really do. I’ve watched so many films in my life, probably more than most humans beings will ever be able to watch. This one I really like it a lot 😀
But each person has its tastes and they’ve been developed grandi in tune with what we are, how we’ve live and what surrounds us. Once in a while we cross paths with something that truly nurtures our “spring source”. This something may come wrapped in many different forms. For me, personally, it’s a waste of energy to try imprisoning such a magic moment/experience in little boxes like words. Maybe building a net so it can jump and ricochete everywhere… So incoherently I’ll say:
Chaos (2001) is Coline Serreau seventh feature film as director. Coline is also the screenplay writer. Her previous film alone La belle Verte, where she shines as director, writer and potagonist would make Coline Serreau a very insteresting, positievely funny person/artist for getting aquentaince. Chaos is another universe in itself, a beautiful beautiful poem to femenine energy, humour, endurance and sisterhood, all resounding with love.

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Despite its videoish looks or maybe ’cause of it, despite the démodé et cliché soundtrack (although obvious irony can be sensed) or maybe ’cause of it, despite the french chauvinism that portrays or maybe ’cause of it, Coline is able to make us embrace a very tough and chaotic story in such a way that would forever leave us with a mark, but a positive one.  The acting (la ragazza Rachida Brakni, ay ay ay), the mise en scène, the screenplay, the sense of rhythm and edit are so fucking good and tuned… that is impossible not to rejoice and recognize in this workmanship true cinema… one of those rares “spring sources”    •    gashô



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