world senday (uninstall)


   not that's so important but all images were taken same day
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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It’s like the world has come to an end

like if uninstalling itself

The day retreats leaving a burning trail…
a goldy warmy caress of peed light, and yes
August’s best to wander the cities

streets are empty


so many images

that need to let go

so many thoughts to abandon

to the flexy plexy destiny of ants
this is of no consequence
but sharing is loving
sometimes’ not enough.

How the fuck, yes the FUCK
I am gonna uninstalling love of me,
of inside me, of burning of motherfucking
burning me alive slowly, relentlessly,
passionately … and … finally

How to share without sharing
international happiness
yoghurt weavers
sky fridays
    sad music with           (avaliable) friends
    available — 1 and fatal,      hole, lazy … unfinishable


care for a song?

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