as 34 years ago

this photo is 2 weeks old
this photo is 34 years old
As this was a rare occasion – my brother lives in Méjico and my cousin in France – I proposed to take a group picture. I remembered seeing somewhere a picture taken at same spot many years before. Naturally we took the picture: starting from left is me, Marie, my cousin Ricardo and Leo (my nephew), mum, my brother Amadeo and Verónica. In the picture below and also starting from left is my uncle Eduardo (Ricardo’s father), Ana (Ricardo’s mother), our aunt Graça with Ricardo, our grandma Lilo and mum thinking I was eating too much.
I decided to go look for the the “old picture”; both will be in time. I found several prints which seemed to have been manually cropped :-O
This one – up there – is a composite of 2 pictures as my uncle was somehow cut out. Other than the nice memories it woke in me I saw some funny things and interesting colidences; a friend of mine is very serious about this word being also a composite of coincidence and to collide.
The funniest thing going on is my little cousin checking for new changes under his underpants. Then there’s Ana, her and Lilo are no longer with us, who is the only one smocking, though in my family smocking is mandatory from 14 on. In the “now” picture Marie, who is taking the place of Ana is also the only one smocking. Still both women are the sole ones wearing flip flops.
Well, that’s it. A nice 34 years old kindof loop 😀

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