EXQUISITE CORPSE – a collaborative video proposal


This exquisite corpse is the result of a Personal View members’ collaborative video project spanning from the 29th of May to July the 7th, 2013. There is no edit whatsoever in images or sound, they just have been juxtaposed in chronological order. More info >> HERE
BIG thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev, our host 😀
In order of participation:
. MirrorMan
. maxr – also PR/MC or dealer for this specific corpse
. jpbturbo
. jazzroy
. inqb8tr
. Django
. michal
. eatstoomuchjam
. svart
. spacewig
. Alienhead
. kevin_kirchman
. haavard
. weimar
all pixels in this video are fictitious, any resemblance with reality is merely coincidence or you hallucinating




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