What’s that smell, said the head of the plastic bags’ division management, just orange letters everfescenting everywhere.

A foreigner’s blurping, a young female (called that when fuckable but unsure of age) getting red, so many bags and they all look empty… oh well, I thought I was going somewhere. Took out the black sweatshirt, now I’m too red. Emerald shoes hugging flowers, a giant on the doorstep of this underground carriage. Brought the internet in my head, guess I’ll have to dump it somewhere next.

2 days latter, here we are, same underground, same carriage. Still in red, but now more african. Hangover of happiness… beautiful girl a body distance, fingernails paint also also also shinny red.

the photo as I took it 

This poster was in a couple of friend’s house, specifically in the bathroom. They have lots of nice naked people around. I don’t remember who made it, so did a search through google… I was unable to find the author, but found this which is r 😈 d enough

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