andro-animated TL test + daftside RAMM


720p24 madness  

First post of the official summer XD
Carrying on with TL experiments >> see previous << I fitted my shitty android phone running cyanogenmod 7 in the window and took 301 pics with camera FV-5. Processed them in lightroom and exported to panolapse, which is as simple as an application gets. Still tweaked the yaw, roll and zoom and exported as a deflickered quicktime movie. Added an spiced John Cage’s Dream loop and some hisss. Voilà!
daftside album cover edited by max r

daftside album cover re-edited by me  

These guys, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington (known as DARKSIDE) went undecover as Daftside to remix every track of Daft Punk’s latest album: Random Access Memories. This remixes album’s called Ramdom Access Memories Memories. Some of the tracks are way better (read sophisticated, interesting, evolved, curious) than Daft Punk’s “original” ones. Here’s the whole album, enjoy!






More around the subject, very respectfully sprinkled with own brewed bullshit 😛


zoomout TL test


Video test + Timelapse tools + Suggestion 4 Panasonic


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