pao-2It has been a long time since I last made bread… I wonder why, I like making bread, I love eating bread. To make bread is a therapy, it really is. First ’cause the feeling of putting the hands on the dough and roll and stretch and fold is great and sensuous, it’s like I am massaging myself and them the feeding goes on through nurturing from the energy I’ll put in the making. I guess it sounds kinda new age spiritualism shitty-mind diet, but IMHO it’s deeply rooted on the physical world which is all about energy.

That said I never (like in most cooking) measure anything. I leave the decisions to my hands and, when available, to my mouth. These breads are made from water, dry leavening, integral wheat, rye and spelt flour, a pinch of marine flower salt and very pure (made out of virgins, ja ja ja) olive oil. all ingredients are bio.
massage + 30min rest + shaping + 1hr rest. gas oven really hot, then around 37 min (a bit less hot – have no such a thing as degrees 😛 ) in sauna. When they look tanned take them out and put a clean cloth over, so they can sweat it out. Start mass, share the canibalization of jesus
Most curiously I made the bread and had to wait 2 days to taste it… but that’s another story
To all people (5 or six lost souls) reading and being companions on these little adventures and to all those who don’t even know I exist (how they dare?!!!)


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