The sun’s setting
roll a cigarette
watch the leaves
in the tallest trees
say à demain

The swallows
surfing the sky
some big buildings, some small
the pale river
blurry other shore

Faraway mountains lying around
doing their thing
commercial planes
comin’ down, literally,
to the city

A car, a motorbike
and a guest brother gazing
we share
while we’re alive
these blood gradients
an apologetical skin
and the thrive
*to be in this world
without being of this world*

The soul almost set
time to change the eyes
fit the hoodie
take a lust breath of light
disengage the brain
put the hands
out of the pockets

Cold colours
drinking from roof ponds
the wind, always comes
a plain, drawing a line
time to roll a cigarette
and welcome the night


* sufi saying



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