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focus… all I’ll said is very subjective, of course.
this is a monster, it was spit out of a vagina who couldn’t chew it. steel and glass. heavy, almost 1kg. fantastic feel. very fast when U get used and master the one-touch zoom ring weird wrist dance… BTW usable tecknik for kinki sex. HEAVY!!! most of my experience with it come from full frame. SHARP in an holistic way 😛

   in a FF machine

it vignettes and it has soft corners, which is one of the things make you love this stupid object. BOKEH IS JUST GORGEOUS, specially wide open. It gets CA, depending on angle… sometimes it’s pronounced, flare is ok, not great. many times you can get very low constrat images which is probably something you’d like when shooting video. MACRO MACRO MACRO, this is a sin for macro photography, not only ’cause the 1:2 magnification ratio, but because of the beautiful bluring of backgroung soup.
When I sold all my FF gear, I kept this fucker.

   in µFT

vignette’s almost gone, though I haven’t shoot photos and almost no video ’cause the diaphragm blades are stickingly lazy beyond my repair abilities and my own lazyness. need a good/solid adapter, I imagine a speedbooster to be ideal companion; but also would cost 4 times the lens. Video is sharp, NEED TRIPOD (420mm equivalent and 1050mm with GH’s TC but w/o IS), you also loose most of the corner blurriness. It is unbalanced on a GH2/GH3, because is HEAVY, has no tripod collar. I have some footage with hacked Gh2 but right now no time. As I need to shoot more I cannot tell colorcast and other stuff. pity is not parafocal. CHEAP, but variation from copy to copy. mine is a nikon mount, from third generation (if not mistaken) made by Komine, supposedly the sharper.


this flickr gallery was made hastily in a poor attempt to respond producer’s (a PV member) question about 1 Vivitar Series 1 • 70-210mm f2.8-4 lens and panasonic GH2, thus rather than an aesthetic line of selection I followed a more technical show me bokeh, DOF, skin, details, etc. reasoning… does a lens have soul? Despite this good intentions my “answer” is of relative usefulnessas as all shots are from FF.

   here’s >> robertstech good article about this torpedos



I process the photos BUT I didn’t correct: crop, distortion, vignette, or CAs. Sharpness was all the same across pics and only NR the ones with ISO above 4000, there are a couple above 12800. all good
In the end of the slideshow there are 5 Jpegs SOC (straight out of camera): 3xbees, 1xguy taking picture and 1xdemonstration, then 2 smaller ones




Video quick test with the Vivi and some blueprints


Vivi fragato CC or more lens tests


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