hdr pano


4 bracketed (1EV) groups,  each with 7 captures, 24 images all handHELL!!!

Here’s the sightseeing tour we took:

First I should explain that because I like to difficult my own life (this is a controlled form of deception instead of calling myself stupid) and my patience is so often fluctuating, decided to go wide: 28mm wide… which is a pain in the ass for stiching (where from 50mm on life is sweet) same for hand held. Submerged for half an hour in Lightroom > then exported as 4 different 16 bit TIF groups > stacked in ImageFuser in my experience there’s absolutely (ego always dealing in absolutes, ay!) no other aplicattion that comes close to ImageFuser standard results, no Photoshop, no Photomatrix, no stiching apps. The only trade is not having a 64bits architecture, but is fucking free!!! – aligned and exported again as four 16 bit TIFs > then we went into Autopano which normally does a reasonable “first ground job”, I added some more control points, spitted some tender insults and gave up > time for ptGUI to do its magic, though I’m not very fond of its interface, this is probably the best (and fastest) stitching software out there and delivers; exported panorama again as a TIF > end up giving a micro touch of general contrast with a curve in photoshop, decided to leave the warmer tones… as it was taken at a semi-golden hour. Though is FAR from perfect, it’s further away from not existing/being done :D… Below there’s a 100% crop and a treat for insomniac gravediggers.                                                                                gashô


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