OAAE – false false false HDR and programs output



DUUUNNNGGGggg!!!! can youuu heaarr this is in AUAUU Leanne?!!!
Today (german accent trans-fassbinder-cabaret-bold-guy style) weee bRing you a

fAlse hdR

Went to the beach to see some crazy guys win money for enjoying big waves in a chunk of foam, nice! and I mean it. The hour was the least favorable for image capturing, lot of chicks though. Highlight headroom of gh3 sensor is really bad – please before start loading guns and cannons – especially if you are coming from full-frame. I saw an image was worth the out of my nose then downward movement of my index finger; I tried not to burn highlights. Funny thing while I was at it, a kid came into the frame in the right moment, well, it’s not really funny.

Trying to bring back some DR, from one picture only, I exported 3 versions (2 were virtual copies) from lightroom, they’re the small jpegs.

OAAE-brak_1 OAAE-brak_2OAAE-brak_3

HDR is not really my thing, I try to only use it when circumstances impel me or when there’s going to be massive editing. Long time since my last HDR, so I decided to go back and check which program rendered an output more to my licking. Because results differ quite a bit from program to program, I took the tiffs for a walk; auto curves and wb in PS, no extra sharpening. Resized them with also free resizeit; I really have to bring here my findings on downsizing… that’s for another day. In order of better to worst – remember is MY taste, I prioritized natural looking and absence of ghosts/strange gradients/artefacts straight out:

Image Fuser (free)
FDRtools (free)
Photoshop HDR

The ones I didn’t even bother to bring here were luminance-hdr, HDR Darkroom and worst of all nik HDR efex pro. Of course we cannot generalize from this poor example only. But 1 thing I can say, I’ve used Image Fuser for a long time and it is very nicel 🙂 and freeee
Cheers to all, especially the ones with even spaced protuberances on their chests ;P
BTWeven pro polaraizers mess with your image, this is example of such
BTW because you are relentless curious creatures what it is written – initial reason (this corny I am) for stealing the moment – on top of roof O AMOR AINDA EXISTE ==> LOVE STILL EXISTS

==> gashô  

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