VIMEO << for finer (720p) appreciation of charlie's beautiful and generous boogers smeared by compression
D. Symi is old and lonely… she’s going to be operated to the sight and to the heart. She really wants to live. She’s a very smart, independent and active lady with a lot of stories to tell. This day D. Symi wasn’t feeling in great shape, you can take pictures of Charlie but not me. Charlie is a chihuahua, yet chilled, yet speedy this miniature dog is D. Symi’s last companion. I like D. Symi. I like to play with crazy Charlie.
More Often Then Sometimes by Shane Koyczan

M_CH_S previously

At dvxuser I found a very interesting “trick” by Hunter Richards. The only thing I did was to implement that knowledge – with a little humor, of course – in something I feel is… true, in the sense of source. I really was more interested in my little subject than following the instructions to the letter; what I mean is that I end up mixing 30p long GOP with 24p ALL-i with other outrageous golden idols. Sometimes I used ETC (Extra Tele Converter) some other times I didn’t… at least everything is B&W, ji ji ji ji. The grain is there for sure and I didn’t pretend to pretend to be filming with a 16mm film camera, that was not the point and ’cause I haven’t (yet) used a 16mm camera. Let’s say this is a fucked-up hybrid, ok?
Gear&Specs: Panasonic GH3, Panasonic 14-140mm, 20mm pancake and available light. ISO… hum, I think somewhere between 800 and 1600. Profile was Monochrome, probably all -5 but the colour, 0. No CC, no enhancements whatsoever (enough crispiness to have bad dreams already), sound from camera. Edited in premiere.

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