a pillow a policeman and jazz



André Tasso << Musicomaniac:
this track’s like having your head inside of a bee-hide

I know this is not a good image. I was just was passing by and I saw the colorful pillow, I took out my camera and grab this, and this only, photo. Next thing there’s a policeman with a silly face (must be difficult) asking me what am I doing?
I answered taking the portrait of that pillow, was that something against the law?
I even show the picture to the man and, after a bit, got us to agree on 2 things: first that once in a public space I had the right to take photos and second that the situation (him being a watchdog of some officials cars in the street, uhhhhh) was a bit ridiculous. He agreed with the kind of face I’ll never turn my back to and when, plenty satisfied for preventing yet another hideous crime, he tried to implement some last minute magic thought about how things are changing and terrorism…
I went away trying not to give it too much mind-space. This kind of encounters happen to me once in a while and they quite sterile and tiring.
Well, now’s shared  🙂

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