The Wild Duck – day 2


in order to taste the HDness of the whole grain (actually the original is fullHD) and softness caress (’cause made by software, riu!) please forward yourself to E.L. vimeo

The music excerpt is from Jonathan Coulton’s Your Brains, live in L.A. check his video out, totally worth your time 😉 This guy really has great songs and excellent lyrics “Celebrate Spring with a crazy little thing called Fuckin’ outside” oh yeahh!!! I hear you brother

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camera: sony hx9v – 1080p29,97 (inter) most in camera edit though some shots were obviously, my “mania” to say the obvious and the obnoxious, accelerated edited and graded in Premiere this time I didn’t use tone mapping layers’ contrast I went with Colorista, when DR was too big a gap and Looks; I really am starting to enjoy grading (here read fucking up the image) I know, I know, the softness it is exaggerated but I couldn’t help myself just thinking this footage comes from a P&S… Fujifilm Astia simulation in, not so useful 😦 , Film Convert …and to this we have come, now that digital technology has relegated film almost to oblivion, we see, appreciate and search for its looks!!! truth is I could have never afforded myself a 35mm film shooting experience. Over ‘n’ out.


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