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Hi everybody!
From November the 23rd to December the 29th of 2012, Lisbon Municipality lent Demimonde (I’m part of this “thing”) a gallery space. No money, no nothin’. It was just the space and us. In that time we invited anyone who wanted to show, perform, discuss, assemble, mix, disassemble, dance, impersonate, shock, be tender, be rough, be visible, experiment, meet, rehearsal, etc. with no discrimination or selection whatsoever. All people worked for free and though we asked visitors for donations/contributions all shows were also for free. A lot happened… among the things – heartbeat – that can be measured: 212 shows, 71 projects, 99 artists, 2 exhibitions, 2 book releases, 5 installations, 29 performances, 8 concerts, 1 theater piece, 1 dance piece, talks, kids activities, cinema, etc.
For me was a dream come true. Still today my heart feels overflooded with… LOVE.
So it is with really big pleasure and proud that I bring you a little scent of it:


Oh Hell, There’s Space Lets Use It!





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