The Wild Duck – day 1 + tone mapping 4 premiere TUTO


for mushier HD please visit the E.L. vimeo page

I understand that actors do this a lot, reading together aloud, but I never had before… not to mention in public places where life goes on. I like the mingle, I like this dizziness. The idea and feeling of making a norwegian XIXth century theater piece live/happen, not st(c)aged, amidst people having coffee, talking by phone, running, catching the boat, etc. makes me dizzy alright!!!

some pics, click any to enlarge



• in camera edit (chrono quick&dirty) • 1 shot reversed • practicing with shortcut trimming • my own presets tweak (much lighter) of Eran Stern’s false hdr tonning in premiere TUTORIAL VIDEO • grading 4 fun ++ red giant’s stickers 😉


thank you Nunex for linking

now I G:D eat



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