the closest ATLAS

O Grande Atlas from Rita Lino made me retravel… jajaj ajaja. Refeel (and refill), rethink and relink. This is just a poor, formal agglomerate output of that process. Enjoy (at least the goats)!!

TITLE: monkey says FUCK YOU NG colonizers!!!! or visual form of rage induced by a forum’s – where (banned ever since) I had over 2000 posts – decision of surrendering to national geographic’s glamorous reputation sponsorship… – yeah, lets give poor little stupid invisible amateur photographers an opportunity of recognition… which basically means “all images in the forums would by at disposal of NG’s money making machine”.  2009/2010
High Atlas' crossing 4WD truck, Morocco. Early 2004

TITLE (provisionally specific): your hardest spot will be cotton caresses. 2012
what a silly, kitsch and emetic thing to say… unless U mean it… ’cause U R feelin’ it


photo by ^n^  


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