Sweet 16 – programs and a plugin that make my life easier


Ethic statement

Every and each company producing the following programs gives me a ferrari, 10 pounds of dope, a virgin and a machine gun with golden bullets every time I speak about their products.

Over the years I have used and experimented with many programs, some still with me, today I’m going over a few of them. I decided to leave very large or complicated programs out of this batch, to focus also on the daily tasks. The programs have been ordered based in a decreasing “how used/usefull” they are. Even so being the last of them quite useful.

  • Little Snitch, a mighty tiny dude who controls everything that comes and goes from/to the network. Amidst other stuff you have a nice and intuitive interface, configurable rules and the niftiest network monitor.
  • Alfred, your computer’s butler. The question here is what does Alfred not do? My workflow improved A LOT since I started using it. There’s a free version to which you can add a payed “powerpack” module.
  • MainMenu Pro, maintenance tool with a myriad of possibilities. It has evolved in a way that ended up engulfing and improving many other apps I used *. A must have.
  • SneakPeak Photo is an absolutely essential quick look plugin for photography lovers. Other that previewing the image, you have EXIF, info and a histogram.
  • SteerMouse, if you use a mouse this driver allows you to configure it to the max. Then your mouse becomes a lion.


Hear. It’s incredible I forgot about it because this little app is something I’ve been looking for years: a way of controling, mixing and enhancing the sound that comes out of the computer. Also for PC.

Those five + 1 (updated) up there are login items, always on.

  • A Better Finder Rename. Renaming (partially, sequentially, etc) file names, any files, made easy for mac users.
  • VLC, THE video player… and free.
  • Clementine, THE free music player.
  • The Unarchiver, open-source, light, unobtrusive compress formats unpacker. What a dada-poem!!!
  • Sequential, MY image viewer. Preview is nice, but, let’s say you want to compare (pixel-peep) images at different sizes (zooming). Over the years I’ve tried too many different viewers. This is simply the lightest, more useful viewer I’ve come across.
  • Shades, a free utility that allows you to easily control the brightness of a external monitor.

Although there are, out there, other programs that gather some of this group tasks: spring cleaning, cleanapp, onyx, mackeeper, macpilot, socks, cocktail, maintenance, etc *. I do prefer (read trust after experience) these ones. Being one of the main reason for abandoning the fact that they had to be loaded at all times thus using too many system resources; cleanapp is a good example. Next two apps pursue more or less the same concept.

  • CleanMyMac, scans and cleans your computer; it also allows app and pane uninstalling, the way appzapper, appdelete and cleanup.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner v.3.4.6b1 (when WAS still free, linked ). Great backing up solution.
    Disk Inventory X (plastiky look) creates a colourful layout of the files that are filling your drive allowing you to understand (and manage) visually its space.
  • Liquifile (nice german UI design) […] is a file management alternative for Mac OS X. It is designed for visual thinkers who want to get a bigger picture of their files and feel them more directly. […] This is kindof duplicating the previous, but the desing and interface are so nice… If developed (and if Alfred didn’t exist) I think it could even be an alternative to Finder.
  • Xslimmer, a tool for compressing apps (i.e. choosing language and best architecture for your system). Sometimes it goes as far as freeing half of the app size, which, at the rhythm the they’re growing, it is a lot. It backs up the original apps, so you’re safe.
  • BatChmod, a free tool to manage permissions, ownership and privileges in your files, folders and drives.

So, cousin Alfredo, do you think you may use any of these in the tractor?

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