self by friend, twitter and perfect photo suite 7


as always you can magnify the magnificence of my beloved shitty casio pics clicking on the images


A friend of mine, Monsieur Lagoon, sent me myself with this beautiful phrase: how about you turning on your twitter, do not give sorrows to your poor mother. Thank you mon ami for pointing out what’s important in life (ejem) 😉

I just downloaded the Onone Photo Suite 7 and it’s looking really good. It is super-fast, they’ve improved the UI (user interface –  for my cousin Alfredo understanding) quite a bit with full-screen, user defined background colour, accumulative layers (with dimmable opacities) and options to hide or show the different panels, among many others. The integration of the 7 different modules – being the last four particularly interesting: effects, b&w, focus and resize –  just works… in earlier versions I remember ending up tired most of the times. This feels, as much as my eyes and fingers can tell, like a pro-pro-product, ji ji ji. Now shower me with gold onones!!! what a name…

So I took my friend’s photo and tweaked it a little within D suite. Up’s the result.

Because of my love for U-points and respect (read intense use) for Nik products I did give a try to the same image in Color Efex 4. CE 4 has an incredible horde of useful effects, you can stack till 5 of them together (thank you automatic correction, I always misspell “toghether” this way I am never going to learn), subtract or add effect zones, with the before mentioned U-points and create your own “recipes” ; I’m a pro, a prostitute and just love cooking soooo muchhh…………. below’s the result.

You’re asking and your friend?, you’re right dammit!!! Here he is, in all his glory!!!

I should go to bed… my head is too caffeine and nicotine free. Before doing so, I do wanna tell Guillermo Tell and that the image above is a lightroom output. I’ll also leave the “original” photo so you can do nothing about but at least I care… all good!!!

  a            h
  g                        ô

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