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I’ve been sick, for most part of my life, but now I REALLY couldn’t get out of bed. I think God really loves me and this offer is such a blessing… I had time… to… hummm…. well…. watch horror movies actually. But nevertheless and once I can not share my virus through the internet (I know you would love it, wouldn’t you?!!!!) I leave here some videos it may click/tick/mic/lick/nick/leap you. Amen – which in spanish literally commands LOVE!

Let’s start with the small-magic, shall we? These are incredible skillful dancer spiders, check more >> HERE. It also makes me wander if the movements we like/imitate (take break-dancing or even clowning) aren’t like a mirror of what’s already in mama_natura…

Another nice (hands in the dough kinda/surrealistic/pseudo scientific design and visually mesmerizing) approach to macro.

How would you “analize and disect” the insides of a computer virus?!!!  uoooUUOOWWWWOOOOOWWWW!!! The bad part is that it is true.

Talking about virus… hi hi hi

A change of theme and pace 😀 let get some air!!!

Other than the nice framing of the tight choreography and swift flow, I chose this video over the ones bellow ‘coz of the irony which is the freedom of movement within the confinement of the aparatus that allows for such. In >> this one there plenty of “open air freedom” and in >> this one you must love all these people coming down to earth at tremendous speed and head down… and they are holding hands… beautiful!!!

Before leaving this world and passing to the next they show you this reel , so I’ve been told 😉 If this one’s not available they show you >> this other. Then a GoPro it is attached to your skull and you are given as much redbull as you can take, oh yeah!!

From the sky to the sea… in a subtly-different-dangerous-beauty-thing, more “intimate” and with the coolest music from Radiohead.

One of my alltime favourites… It is so nice to know one has such good taste, ja ja ja. It is just that I had watched most of these videos before becoming “mainstream/viral” or whatever you want to call them.

I think El Guincho’s Bombay – a Marc del Corral’s video – is one of the nicest music videos ever!!! HOWEVER, (medieval anouncing voice) if presented with the same music and true footage from nice moustache dudes with beauuuutiful lady friends… I choose life!!! Don’t let my choice stop you from rejoicing with El Guincho’s Bombay ;p

Changing perspectives…

Adding historics…

A little fun before the serious stuff

I was very undecided between breasts or >> butt but the shininess of the pearls was stronger than the shininess of the purpurine on the butt, well…

Here << is Luis, the second short animation of chileans Diluvio, that – with this one – makes Lucía, Luis and the Wolf series.

And like that we get to ti me lap ses

I like the playfulness of this one, check on Rob’s other ones, specially >> Kuala Lumpur

One of my favourites, YOU CAN SEE how this guy, CHRISTOPHE, HAS FUN and LOVES WHAT HE DOES!!!

Remember the spider?

So that’s enough of cities and time bits… Now two more little stories and we wrap!

An old friend of mine (and here being old – our friendship – it is of merit) sent me this video some time ago. Simple and not trying to control the outcome thus touching… the soul. At least that’s what I feel.

So that would be all the mess… I kinda tried to organize them, but, you know… If you do like it, smack that like button (the one that doesn’t exitst 😉 ) till your fucking bone comes out your finger… or just pray for my soul.

And some that didn’t make it: A, B, C, D, E, F and many others… for next time 🙂

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