TALL PANS & preliminary thoughts about BEST CAMERA




When Chase Jarvis – very successful photographer and entrepreneur – said The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You™  (that trade mark [registered] symbol says it all) he was indeed creating and exploring a new niche. His work’s truly solid and, for most of it, inspirational :); that’s not what’s at stake here.
My “concern” is that by trade marking a lovable-kinda-obvious phrase, Chase managed to exploit the technological and cultural “advances/characteristics” themselves and, with a shinier package (always look for the shinyness, ohhhh…), sell them back to people. Yes the community, bla bla bla, yes the freeness, bla bla bla, yes the connectivity, bla bla bla. Just one word: spot. I don’t think it is wrong to exploit this warps but I honestly feel it’s healthy to be aware of the kind of strategies people wanting to enrich/advertise themselves (as first priority) put out.
In this –> DigitalRev video, by min 11, Zack Arias states “my old studio manager says the best camera’s the one you left at home“. I like this phrase (without a fucking trade mark symbol) much better, also seems “more” real to me.
Like Zack Arias I was given an ancient Kodak (R.I.P.) Easyshare – all the above panos are its doings – and  I’ve been enjoying quite a lot (read in a refreshing childish way) taking photos with it. Is it my best camera? I don’t see any enlightening in speculating about this; it is the camera that’s with me in that particular moment, that’s a fact. Nevertheless I’ve been storming my brain with some of these grey subjects (I’m referring to language/advertising strategies); in a time to come I’ll spit them out, whatch for the spattering 😛


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