2.35:1 Cinemascope style TEST

I wanted to do this for quite some time now. So, as often happens, everything started with a search and reading, lots of reading. Though I knew how it was made (by cheating, unless you have real anamorphic lens, check for instance the wonderful work of –> Seb Farges) it helped/saved time to find over dvxuser that E.Hartford had put an INCREDIBLY USEFUL and accurate free pack of HD letterbox templates for download —> HERE

To him goes my 1st thank you 😀

I also found very interesting this —> video by Philip Bloom, particularly the part where he shows that to keep the aspect ratio while exporting the .MP4, you should do so by cropping only.

To Felipe Florido goes my 2nd thank you 😛

Then I took some shooting (bang bang!!!) so I could test this new-to-me (cinemascope was invented in 1953) visual process. Let’s see if you manage to stay till the end of it, jijiji


Peacock Tail – from Boards of Canada’s third album The Campfire Headphase
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A very special thank you to Biuli, Nuno, VP – I guess some people click on
this tag thinking it means “very personal”, well… – and to my nº 1 folLover

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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More on anamorphic cheating


vashi-praia (hat trick test)


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