angrynessgone – for today



If you want to pamper your eyes with REAL hyper-compressed 720p30


Sometimes I’m angry, very angry.
   Most of those times I’m angry at myself;
     I guess that’s because I’m too hard on myself.

       It has frequently helped me to feel things through,
          trying to get resonating acquaintance with the residual murmurs
            or just a good laugh at the abyss of my endless ignorance.
                Then move forward… to the next abyss, hi hi.

There are a few occasions where I’m mad at a friend.
    This causes me much a bigger distress… specially if I know I’m right
      – here to be right is “to feel it with the heart” – or unnecessarily hurt
           (as if any hurting was “necessary”???). Maybe being a strong tempered
               person doesn’t help ( I like to say things loud and clear); maybe is just my            stupidity and pride – which I have plenty to sell, interested? – and perhaps is
      because I believe words don’t heal/illuminate always everything; which means
only time will tell.


Summer has gone and we meet again.
I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.    
I give myself to our space… waiting nothing in return.       
My mind’s not in past events neither in future plans but here,         
here and now


I don’t seek to be angry or happy, I just want to be in peace.


anyway… these buzzwords are a door that goes out of itself, or like ?lex
once wrote, well he wrote something in spanish which I translate my-way :


To be helpless we find healthy reasons
that give us the value of a constant suspension


Tracks 04 (partial) and 07 of The Michael Nyman’s Songbook sang by Ute Lemper

Nikon d700 + nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G
All photos @ f2, ISO 500 > 5000, T 1/8 > 1/60
Developed and exported keeping their chronological order as a H.264 (1080p30) slideshow [ 5″ duration with 20″ crossfade] from Lightroom. Then I glued the two pieces of music directly in quicktime.
Uploaded for your delight 😛

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