Home-made macro lens (adaptor) third gen – Macrenstein

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Hi everybody

that’s not onto porn, at least right now… not at the same time – I hope.

To the cheese: Some 3 or 4 years ago I made my first macro lens with a ring, a rubber and an old inverted (different from perverted) lens. It lasted 1 afternoon but do you know what my sister in law’s sister says? the first is like if made of glass, the second is a wooden creature and the third, the third is fucking rubber.

Of course she’s talking about children and of course she wouldn’t say “fucking” she’s mexican, more like puta pues de goma, or alike.

So, after some time I made a second macro lens (here you read “made” as if a physiological urge), out of a inverted tokina and a camera cap. This one still working, you can see the photos in the slideshow – the ones which are extremely close.

Maybe has to do with these days in which the almighty tech-mother-ships are giving birth to a thousand sibyls… today I decided that was time for a third gen. This time took a little more to assemble a video-projector lens ( actually two stocked in neoprene from an old wet-suit) together with a steel ring barrel from a assassinated lens (ex-girlfriend’s, jij ij ij ii) with a cook filter thingie, this last part was inserted just out of respect to the squares. Finally I used blue tape to wrap the side of the lens; was need it? absolutely not, but I love BLUE (duct … funny, til just now I always thought it was “DUCK-TAPE”) TAPE .

Now I should (like Nônô  so much likes to say) explain that this creature hasn’t been conceived as an autonomous lens, but for screw into and old (but very fast) nikkor 35-70 f3.3-4.5 fart. The rest of the photos of the slideshow belong to that tandem.

As you asked, yes I am pleased with my macrenstein*s, just glad I’m not breastfeeding them. ???

In a last note I couldn’t stop to mention how I lucky and deeply honored I feel for having the oportunity of working with such beautiful and friendly (sleepy, most of the time or hungry) models. Thank you Rosita and thank you PICOTO, fomerly 28

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