Here we are all again, together around the fire… wrong speech man!

I see these… tests not as time lapses, neither stop motions, but sequences; in any case they do not exclude each other; it is just that I tend to classify actions according their purpose; a messed up aristotlelic [ummm] heritage? What I know for sure is that if my shutter didn’t count the days I’ll be “filming” this way. Feeling the beat of the mirror, clak clak clak clak clak, in perfect sync with your peep screen blinking, while a lot of images are jumping in and out of it… is just something unique. I can imagine how excited and mesmerized our dear predecessors must have felt.

They are all out-of-the-camera-jpegs but the ones with the grain, the waves and the contrasty look. It never stops amazing me how much quality one has to give up whithin the web…

… Anyway, if interested in a minimum of watchable quality, please click the link


Music advisatrix & Grading expert- Dani Cake
Car speedmaster – NôôN
FPS consultant – Znup
Soul percolators – Rosita, Mimi & Picotto

Vincent Gallo’s – I wrote this song for the girl Paris Hilton
from When LP
Tech gibbering:
Nikon D700, fps 2>9 (yes there’s a way of a 9 fps burst without grip in the D700, but just one) / Nikkor 28-70 @ f2.8 / ISO 3200>5000 and the one CC is 25.600. In Premiere I set a default duration for all the images (stills) of 6 frames and a default cross-dissolve transition of 4 frames for each still. Exported while cleaning our studio and here it is!!!

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