Well this story is very simple, so I’m gonna just try and complicate it for you: Once upon a web I was confident – such an easy prey – I was exporting – such a business traffic with no moves at all – a timelapse batch. That sounds exciting, eh?

For my surprise – that’s what took you so long you son of adobe!!! – I had somehow selected (when it’s my fault/mistake is always “somehow”) with my tiny cursor – why do cursors point to the left? – the WHOLE month of August. That’s a big call 😀

So now I had August photos – around 800 images – compacted in 35 delirious seconds. I must honestly say that it felt good to see all (impossible) those moments in a overcrowded sigh, like images that are just passing through my head and that I am able to contemplate without creating any attachment feelings whatsoever…

It was good, maybe because life is not like that… and I have to be there all the time, to live each second so that, by the end of the day/week/month/year, I can remember how grateful I should be for that moment when for the third time the fucking seagulls shit all over my freshly washed white shirt!!!

Or then just live and take photos so I don’t really have to remember any image

BTW it seems pointers are prone to the left because… for the right-handed folks. If you are left-handed you have the possibility of changing it to the right and if you are ambidextrous you can actually change the direction earth spins, is that cool or what?!!! All good

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