Mt. Hood, Oregon - September 1998 


© Michael Williams


Of course you may use my photograph. My flickr site or my e-mail,, will work. Sorry to be so long; I was in King County Jail for 4 days.

Hey Mike thanks for answering… 🙂
Jail? Where you too hard-looking to/on (not sure) the stars?
– – –
Your answer is so funny, man. I wish your time in the public guest house hadn’t been too bad.. ’cause the answer… well, it’s worth the experience. Which brings me to a question and a pseudo-explanation:

Can I also publish your message?
As I told to the only person who gently declined my proposal, his words, I am in this absolutely untranscendent OM “collecting” thing because of the exchange experience. Secondly I (laughing to the inside) totally see your photo and next this comment of yours… pedantically I would even dare to say that ads an extra (much needed in life [in general]) layer, depth;
the time, the measurement of the universe, the stars.
the time of men…
– – –
This has become a tad too long, but I count with your mercy.
You know, I never been in jail, but many times I feel imprisoned, maybe that’s a simplistic Erich Fromm’s we are afraid of freedom.
– – –
Enjoy the ride, Mike
and the stars.
Have you seen Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man film series?


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