1st of June, 2012


Everything starts here   ⇑   with THIS as first consequence and then


Today VP sent-me a picture… well it’s a very nice picture of me looking out the frame where he glued a gall lying naked on top of a horse.

Don’t forget to mention the glitter in her behind and that peter said “that’s a big horse”, two times!! Okay, okay

Aparently non-related-subject, coming from a message to StarmanMike

I was going through some old photos (I call them old, like from another life ’cause they were made with a camera that now lives with another man, ay ay!) and I found a very sexy picture of my sister-in-law.

The “problem” is that it was so damm grainy – that awful digital noise at high iso of some cameras – that I never made anything of it… but kept it anyway for 4 years.

As I said in a previous post, in 4 years photo processing technology has evolved quite a bit, which means that we can now mold our images in a “more freely” and effective way. Having more offer means tests, comparisons, updates, more tests, etc. Very, very time consuming, ufa!!!
So I decided to find a nice picture of me, from a time where I was truly happy and a sexy picture, one that was not using woman as an object.  Curiously enough I found both pictures very close together, from a visit to my family in México.

First try was performed using Lightroom 4 which made me realize several things:

1st – Lr (with all its cool features, filters, pluggins and effects) was not the program that was going to allow me to get there.

2nd – Trying to “hide” the light and its “defects” was enhancing them.

3rd – I was going to have to cheat.

4th – How nice the image was; a faked true nice reality. A sexy syster-in-law putting on an act for me, all complicity 🙂

So… took it to Dxo pro which works really well with the high ISO noise of ORFs; no, not from Lord of the rings; Raw files from Olympus. Ah! something absolutely crucial, Dxo makes the worst downscale of all photo editors I’ve used. So, @ Dxo process/export your images in full-sized tifs or jpegs and then downscale them in other app; even preview does a far better job.
Then took the dough to Color Efex to make the abient/mood. Nice thing about the new version you can mix till 5 efects; in my case low key, T-Max grain, levels and something else I don’t recall.

Then both outputs to Photoshop where I patiently let them joined and breed a endless herd of layers: microcontrats, high pass, soft light, masks and more masks, multiplays, gradients and curvess without forgetting smoothing, erasing and bluring.
At the final stage I realized that the reflections on the glass door were very distracting and didn’t make any sense; so off with their heads!!  At this level of… treatment, sometimes is better to go all the way. I must admit that the idea of an open door, a passage to a night with full moon (which is not faked, it was there) redeemed me visual and intellectually.
The photo of the tanned clown with the donut was just roughly spitted out of Lightroom.
So, do you want to see the results?




To finhish and in order for your twisted mind wanderings to have a rest, YES! I ate the donut


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