As I write I’m being informed by the statistics that my blog reached 1,009 views; WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS JOY?!!!! Only need 543.231.245.678 more views to… win a used teacup.

I had spent some time conceptualizing (like 13 sec), building (like 1 min) and improving (about 25 min and more like fixing the mistakes) a card-box shell for my camera; it has cancer… in the lcd (snif).
So as the sunlight was hiding behind a milky blanket of clouds and hot stopped I went outside for a test… the video was really going bad; the ants were lazy and dishevelled (for a change), the light was crap and I was totally uninspired; thanks god VP exists and even more grateful for him being close and willing to share his wise comments 😛

may all beings be                                                                     happy


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