April 14th, 2011 in Frankfurt 


Ⓒ 2011 – Patrick Braun

When I look at this photograph I don’t think “oh this should be in a museum” and maybe that is something good to say about it.
I see a rich black and white image with a very tight, kinda strange crop, say something mental (rigid) which contrasts with the casual happiness of the less-tall woman.

She, smiling, is the first thing that catches my attention incredibly syncing with the AFFENGEIL [“wicked”] ad.
Then I imagine the colours of her lips, something it doesn’t happen with the other woman in the background. She is so… satisfied, does she know she’s being portrayed?

Back to the oversized (bigger than life) cup of ice-cream with its reduplicating B&W also smiling Frankenstein and back again to her lank hair imprisonment, the collar, which makes the first of three white levels: collar, pullover showing below her tiny jacket (pair with the sleeve) and sole of shoes.
Is she waiting?

Her hand. The squeezing of the fingers so it can enter the trousers pocket. And again, her smile… she has grown, not any more at the background guys’ level that are now like the “BANANA CHA CHA” to the ad.
What about sound, do you hear any sound? No, not at all. Like the still frame of a movie, the sound has stopped… well I hear a vacuum cleaner, but that’s cette côté ici 😀

At first glance appears that she is going to walk but the tip of her left foot betrays her; the legs are confusingly (from a weight discharge point of view) crossed.
She is waiting. What or who?
Is it the photographer? I don’t think so… Patrick would have wait till people passed; are you sure? Of course, not! What if he saw her smile and “couldn’t wait”, could not afford to loose that moment? But he is focussing on the ad… maybe Patrick was anxious as he states was shooting street on film for the first time. Anyway, I’m glad his finger pressed the shutter.

So, is it a good photo? Don’t know, the layers are too close together, the motion of the people seems double freezed ’cause of the their visual confinement and there’s no soothing vanishing point. Why did you choose this photo then? Her smile feels true, big and relaxed.

I’m tempted to go and check if she is on other photos… I’ll prefer to live with the mystery.


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