MPCP II (lessgood)



Today is very very windy.

I cannot imagine the endurance of these little creatures… all those flights striving

to reach their colorful cabins;

the flowers mouths.

Twice I sat by the tall flowers till

my legs were numb.

While taking photos (more than

500), I realize that bees don’t

have time to enjoy the landscape, they’re always working… and at night inside

the hive!!!

That made me sad and humble; you know, they only live for a month.

So I used two different cameras and though one of them has far better IQ (image

quality), somehow I  decided to process and post the photos from the lessgood.

   Maybe ’cause today is really

windy and holding a litle P&S

(point and shoot) camera and

trying to portray flying beings

made me feel a bit closer to

the mini-pigs in pijamas.



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